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TRAIN2MOVE - A springboard for your research career

CALL 2015

2020 researchers: TRAIN TO MOVE (T2M) is a new international fellowship programme conceived by the University of Torino (UNITO) and implemented with the support of the European Commission and the banking foundation Compagnia di San Paolo.

T2M is a programme funded under FP7- PEOPLE- COFUND Action.
T2M aims at maximizing career opportunities for incoming experienced researchers through a transnational mobility experience, enriched by the development of individual research projects and by the offer of an extensive training on soft skills.
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Expertise and research focus of the Department of Earth Sciences are grouped in the following research areas (CALL 2015):
i)   Evolutionary Paleoecology and Paleoclimatology of the Marine Biosphere
ii) Carbonate and Evaporite Deposits: Genesis and Diagenesis
iii) Geodynamics and Petrogenesis of Plate Margins
iv) Environment Protection and Sustainably Managing of Natural Resources
v) Geodiversity, Geo-Resources and Climate Change: Adaptive Assessment and Proactive Management.

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