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16 Gennaio 2019 - Gemini for a day - analyzing volcanic activity from seconds to decades - Dr. Marco Laiolo (DST)

Pubblicato: Venerdì 11 gennaio 2019 da Dott. Marcello Natalicchio

Seminari di geologia

Mercoledi 16 Gennaio 2019 alle ore 16.00 si svolgerà in aula Ruffini il seminario dal titolo

Gemini for a day - analyzing volcanic activity from seconds to decades

Dr. Marco Laiolo 


Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Università degli Studi di Torino

Many active volcanoes exhibits striking similarities spanning from morphostructural setting to the eruptive style, as well the nature of the erupted materials. However, the adopted timescale for the investigation of volcanic activity (from single explosion to Holocene timespan) is crucial for decrypting the causes that promote itself. By starting from the eruptive styles, this seminar discuss the behavior of different volcanoes highlighting the advances offered by a long-term investigation on analyzing the observed activity. This analysis may unravel the different mechanisms driven the eruptions giving us new tools to understand the investigated volcanic systems. In this view, satellite data represent an invaluable resource for a primary knowledge on worldwide volcanoes, with a direct contribution for the evaluation of risk and evolving hazards.

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